5 Tips to Marry Your Furniture

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]So you’re moving in with your honey and you both have full sets of furniture? I now pronounce you stylishly challenged. From making his oversize recliner work with your vintage rocking chair, it’s a challenge to find design harmony—not to mention room for it all. Yet before you attempt to make “frat house chic” the next big trend, allow our tips to guide you towards interior matrimony.[/dropcap]


1. Plan your space: Before you can decide what stays and what goes, you need to know exactly what fits. Draw a simple layout of each room, and measure both the room sizes and the furniture sizes. Be sure to include windows, closets, and doorways in your sketches.

2. Take inventory: Make a list of all the furniture that you both intend to move into the new home. Be sure to make special note of doubles, as well as items that will be particularly challenging to mix and match.

3. Prepare to purge: Even if you think you wear the style pants in this relationship, compromise is key when it comes to blending homes. Allow each other one veto and one save to keep this ceremony as civil as possible.

4. Embrace the eclectic: Not only does your furniture not have to match, mixed materials are a huge trend right now and will create a welcoming, dynamic space. From combining styles like contemporary and traditional to materials like woods and metals, a thoughtful collaboration will make your home chic and memorable.

5. Fill in the gaps: Whether you just couldn’t agree and need a new dining table, or you need an area rug to pull together your sofa and his coffee table, enjoy your first shopping trip as a united front and fill in what’s left.